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Jacksonville Beach FL 365 Things to Do - TacoLu

Posted By Rosie HetmanClemente @ Mar 5th 2013 5:17pm In: Living in Jacksonville Beach Fl

Out with the old in with the Nu...Lu

Fast Cheap GoodWhat's in the in the past (like Rafiki says from The Lion King). The old Lu was cozy, had parking issues and amazing food blah blah blah....the new Lu tacolu baris huge and guess what they have parking issues there too....WHY?? Because the food is amazing STILL nothing there has changed AND it it's reasonably priced. This business has truly created a culture of followers that don't mind visiting the awesome bar and mingling, talking and drinking while waiting for a table without belly aching about how long it takes. 

So now that we have that out of the way...let's talk about the food. To say it is magical is an understatement. These guys have taken Taco's to a whole new paradigm. The menu is simple yet leaves tons of choices. You can go from vegetarian (the Avocado Taco is super yum) to Carne Royal and yes it is fit for royalty. If seafood is on your mind then you must try the bangin' shrimp dilla or add some seared Tuna to your Avocado Taco for a new twist on yum.

Your meal starts with bite you back salsa and a never ending bowl of chips, make sure you get a side of queso (and yes you will feel an urge to lick the bowl if you have enough tequila) and Guacamole (get the big one you'll need it) with toasted pepitas. Once you order they "sling" those taco's pretty fast, appetizers like their nachos (with the brisket) are loaded with fresh toppings and can take the edge off that long wait you just had. This last trip I ordered two tacos the Carne Royal and the Bangin Shrimp both were excellent and after all the chips, salsa, guac, queso and nachos I could barely move....well those few beers didn't help either. Speaking of beers they serve a great variety including my personal favorite Imperial which hails from Costa Rica. 

Our bill for two was $40.....really we were happy, full and could barely waddle out of there so that's when the complimentary valet parking really helps. Last words....plan on a wait (it's worth it), have a few drinks, bring friends so you have someone to entertain you and leave the gold card at home you won't need it with prices this reasonable.

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