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5 Tips for creating a happy family & Getting your home SOLD while still LIVING in your house

Posted By Rosie HetmanClemente @ Mar 5th 2013 8:35pm In: Selling Your Home in Todays Market

5 Tips for creating a happy family & Getting your home SOLD while still LIVING in your house.

Making a move is a difficult time, even knowing that you're potentially moving to a bigger place, or one closer to family can't eliminate all of the feelings of anxiety and the stresses involving a move. As you already know as a parent our kids can feel this stress so you must enroll them in the process to make your lives easier.  It's important to involve your children in the process to make the transition easier, this can be especially difficult if you're being transferred for employment. So once you have your children on board involve them in the SOLD steps below.

1. The first thing in getting any house ready for sale is "S" in sold: Create Space. This means eliminate anything you're not using anymore. In the kids department this is the baby swing,  bouncy chairs, clothes that are too big and too small. It's major purge time, remember what you don't purge you are going to have to move. Buyers don't want to walk into your house and have to trip over a skateboard, step over stuffed animals or feel like they just walked into a toy store.  If you have to then store some of these items until the move get De-Cluttered FAST.....

2. A place for everything....the dollar store may very well become your best friend during this process as small totes or storage containers can aid in cleaning up messes when a last minute showing appointment calls and yes that will happen. If the kids are sprawled all over the dining room table gluing box tops projects get some containers that help you quickly scoop up the project and store out of site (underneath the dining room table would be a good example) A nice wicker basket might  be a good addition.

3. Minimize the furniture in bedrooms, let your children rotate out the stuffed animal collection and store any not current season clothing. It's a great game to play who gets to be on display today when rotating the animal collection. Storage containers that roll under beds and allow for the kids to access their stuff easily and allow for you to put away in a timely fashion can be a life saver. Also get easy to make bed arrangements this may be a nice comforter you can just neatly toss over unmade sheets that's forgiving and looks nice.

4. The "O" and "D" in S-O-L-D  go hand in hand, eliminate odors (diaper pails, cat litter, teenagers running shoes or soccer gear) and remove ALL dirt. Having a routine you involve the kids in will make your preparation go so much easier. Someone is in charge of floors, trash and quickly shoving all the dirty laundry in the washer (with the door shut) when an appointment is made. Don't try to cover up smells either, burning candles or using too much febreeze or air freshener can add the same odor problem and be mindful to those with allergies. Keep your pets clean which can be another chore the kids can assist.

5. Last but not least the "L" in sold. Make sure there is plenty of light. A great routine for young kids is see how fast they can run and turn every light on and open every window blind. The more children feel involved in the process the smoother the transition will be for everyone.

Rosie Hetman-Clemente is the broker owner of Atlantic Shores Realty of Jacksonville, LLC and a Jacksonville Beach, Resident follow us on facebook\atlanticshoresrealtyjax or visit us at she's been in real estate since 1997 let us move you. Full Service, Full Time Performance Guaranteed Residential and Commercial Sales and Leasing, Relocation Assistance, Property Management, Tenant Procurement and Real Estate Investment.



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